Flamengo and PUC-Rio partner to use Artificial Intelligence in sports

Liverpool, Manchester City and Inter Milan are some of the teams that use similar tools

In order to enhance results in Olympic sports, Flamengo has partnered with PUC-Rio to develop projects in the area of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The collaboration was announced last Wednesday (21) in a statement on the team’s website.

The first software created jointly is a virtual technical assistant to support basketball matches. Called BAICA (Basketball Artificial Intelligence Coach Assistant), the project uses AI concepts to analyze data and provide real-time information to athletes.

In Europe, Liverpool, Manchester City and Inter Milan are some of the teams that already use similar tools to improve their performance. Through automated data interpretation, the software can assess each player’s strengths and weaknesses and recommend replacements at strategic moments, for example.

According to Delano Franco, Vice-President of Olympic Sports of Rubro-Negro, the development of this type of technology equates Flemish with the international top teams, and the cooperation with PUC guarantees high quality for the innovations to come.

The partnership will also rely on the collaboration of US startup Sports Power AI, as explained in the text by PUC-Rio’s deputy development director, Sergio Bruni. According to him, the company will assist in the development of solutions and applications based on data science.

As a result, the team and the university expect this to be the first step towards the implementation of a Technological Innovation Center in Vale da Gávea, where scientific research related to automation tools applied to sport will be conducted.

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